To all you crypto enthusiasts, we’ve got some exciting news! Our newest partner, Chapel, is giving away an Adidas Originals NFT, currently at the time of writing worth 1.1 ETH.

There will be one lucky winner chosen at random, all you have to do is sign up to their data channel on the Tapmydata app and mint their Genesis NFT. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity, join now before it’s too late!

The Adidas Originals “Into The Metaverse” NFT collection launched in December 2021 and included 30,000 non-fungible tokens built on the ERC-1155 standard. The tokens were created in collaboration with 3 of the most popular NFT brands out there – Bored Ape Yacht Club, PunksComic, and influencer gmoney. When this drop sold out within seconds it became clear that there is immense demand for these types of collectibles! And now you have a chance to get one! 

To win an Adidas “Into the Metaverse” NFT, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, go to and follow the 6 simple steps. You will need to download the Tapmydata app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store) to get started before you mint your Glitch NFT. Note: Currently you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet on a desktop browser using the Metamask extension to mint your Glitch NFT, however support for mobile is being worked on.
  1. Once you have created your Tapmydata account, you will need to click the Chapel logo on the home page, this will take you to their data channel.
  1. Inside the data channel you will be asked to provide the following details: Email and Name. Note: This data will only be seen by Chapel in an encrypted channel, you are free to leave the channel at any time which will close the secure chat, although you may miss out on continued rewards if you do.
  1. Finally, go to and mint your Chapel Genesis NFT (150 MATIC). If you mint via TAP app, you’ll get 25 MATIC back! – This is required to be entered into the raffle!

That’s it! You’re in the game!

Besides being automatically entered into Chapel’s giveaway of an Adidas NFT, with your Chapel Genesis NFT, you will have the following perks:

  • VIP access to all gigs
  • Annual private chapel party 
  • Founding member
  • Etch your name on Welsh slate forever on the chapel (real and meta)
  • Make history by changing the way that musicians earn money

The winner will be randomly picked from the list of verified wallet addresses, and will be airdropped the Adidas NFT after the giveaway ends on the 31st Jan, so make sure to check your wallets on the 1st Feb.

So, one more time. Go to your Tapmydata app, join the Chapel channel, mint your Genesis NFT and may the Force, Luck, and Chapel be with you!

Full details about the project can be found at:

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