As an additional bonus to our long standing LPs we will be giving away an extra 20% on top of the April bonuses based on meeting the following requirements.

  • All Uni-v2 tokens held in April must be staked into one of the two LP reward pools on the 30th of April.
  • April TAP rewards received must be added as new additional liquidity to one of the two Uniswap pools (TAP-ETH or TAP-USDT) and staked into one of the two LP reward pools on the 30th of April.
  • The total amount of the above Uni-v2 tokens must be held in one of the LP reward pools for the duration of the 90 day programme.

Those that meet the above criteria will automatically get 20% of their April LP rewards airdropped to them following the May 90 day LP programme. For more details on the May programme see here.

I wasn’t an LP through April, can I participate?

No. You are not eligible for this bonus but we would encourage you to join the programme in May. For more details on the May programme see here.

Can I split my Uni-v2 Tokens between pools?

Yes. It doesn’t matter which reward pool you join at as long as the total amount of Uni-v2 is staked into either of the pools and it can be a combination of the two.

What is the reward 20% of?

The reward is 20% of what you receive in the April LP reward airdrop which will be sent out on the 30th of April.

When will I receive the reward?

After the full 90 days beginning May 1st. It will be an airdrop, no action on your behalf will be required.

Can I remove my TAP rewards from the LP staking pool throughout the programme?

Yes. You are free to claim your rewards from March onwards (see about May programme for details of how to claim) but you must not remove your Uni-v2 tokens from the pool once they are in.

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