After the LP rewards went out in March we received a couple of reports that the amounts were wrong.

Our script, which can be seen here applies the same calculation method to all LPs so we thought it was solid.

Unfortunately, our script did not account for people doing ‘odd’ things with their LP tokens. On closer inspection we found a transaction where an account that had LP tokens transferred them elsewhere and then disposed of them through the destination account. This caused this account to be rewarded when it shouldn’t have been.

We’ve adjusted our script and re-run March’s calculations. As such, we are sending out an interim airdrop that will make this right for all LPs that were miscalculated in March.

If we make a mistake, we want to make it right and we are sorry this was an issue in the first place, this is however part of the reason we are moving to an on-chain Geyser contract for LP rewards.


  • Do not transfer your Uni-v2 TAP LP tokens anywhere other than an official TAP contract or you may lose LP rewards.
  • Only add liquidity to the pool via the Uniswap interface at the Official Uniswap Pool pool or you may lose LP rewards.

Join our LP Programme and start earning TAP

You can join our liquidity rewards programme at any point. Simply add liquidity via the Uniswap pool and we will send you a bonus at the end of the current period.

We are due to move to a staking contract in the next couple of weeks but those already in the pool will just be one step ahead so join now. We will release more details when this new programme goes live via our Telegram and Twitter.

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