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What is special about this bear market compared to the previous ones?

What are the challenges & opportunities of building in a bear market?

One (or more) practical tips for those building in the bear market

  • Stay focused. Always be aware of what’s going on in the market and be able to make decisions quickly — Scott from Hundo.
  • This is the opportunity to really build communities and products. Keep moving. This is our time to shine and I think you have to look at it as an opportunity more than anything and not as something negative — Camara from Shyft.
  • You have a limited budget. You have a limited source of capital so make every cent count. Don’t just freeze and collapse everything and wait for the wait to pass. If you have to hire — hire. There’s talent everywhere, especially in web3. So be very focused on execution. Focus on your timelines and your road map. Listen to your users and be very efficient with the use of your capital.
  • Powerful technology and secure, easy-to-use products are the foundation of web3. The bear market is the time to concentrate on things that we believe in.
    The great thing is that we can actively participate and witness history being made — Nicole from Mixin.
  • Get more real and ask yourself some basic fundamental questions: Why are we doing this? Is it real? Does it add real value or is it just noise? And, of course, find a group of like-minded people — Irfon from DOVU, Tapx, and Amplify.
  • Focus on your successes and support other people in this journey. Be collaborative and build partnerships — Luke Judge, Tapx.

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