We are pleased to announce that the innovative live music platform, Chapel, will be joining the Tapmydata platform as our newest partner. 

What opportunities does Chapel bring to our users? 

:point_right: VIP access to all gigs;

:point_right: Purchase exclusive NFTs from musicians;

:point_right: Earn tokens by sharing data;

:point_right: Change the way that musicians make money! 

Read on to learn more… 

The COVID pandemic has created a hardship for musicians and those participating in the live music industry. The hard truth is that when someone working in this industry doesn’t have a gig, they don’t have an income.

Chapel solves this by creating a unique way to monetise live music based on the mechanics of the Web3 ecosystem. Founders and longtime friends, Ian Matthews of Kasabian, and Irfon Watkins of Dovu, put their heads together and came up with an elegant solution by combining NFTs and DeFi to pay artists and venues, even after the gig ends. It allows fans to directly invest in a gig and share the yield with the artist and venue. 

Chapel delivers on this promise with a few key components, enabling:

  • Individual venues to ‘invest’ in their own events in conjunction with the artists (who are playing a gig at an event)
  • Artists and venues to automatically monetise content from the event
  • Residual automated income from each event to the venue and artist
  • Easy access for attendees and fans to buy/get exclusive NFT based content and exclusive access to Events


Join the Chapel channel on Tapmydata and get rewarded 

To become a part of the Chapel community, you will need to download the Tapmydata app on Google Play or the Apple App Store and mint your Glitch NFT. It will cost you 5 Matic tokens to mint your Glitch NFT, and you’ll receive the equivalent value of TAP in return. 

Once you have created your account, you will need to join the Chapel data channel within the app, by clicking the Chapel logo on the app home page. 

Inside the data channel you will be asked to provide some of your data such as your Email, and Name. Note: This data will only be seen by Chapel in an encrypted channel, you are free to leave the channel at any time which will close the secure chat and withdraw your data.

Full details about the project can be found at: https://www.chapel.earth.

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