1. Crypto giveaways.

2. Rug pull scams.

Here are the most popular crypto scams and how to avoid them - Tapx Blog

3. Phishing attacks

4. Impersonation

5. Pump and dump

Secure all your passwords

Enable 2-factor authentication

Track the news

Verify that people you are chatting with online are who they claim to be

Beware of clicking on links shared on Telegram or Discord

DYOD (Do your own diligence)

To bring it home

  • web3 is great, but there are lots of scams that can be overwhelming for both newbies and long-term users;
  • to stay safe you need to secure all your passwords and store them off-chain. A cold wallet will be a great option.
  • once your passwords are secured, enable two-factor authentication.
  • always track the news to be aware of the recent hacks
  • do your own research and never click on links some random dude posts on Telegram or Discord, trust official channels only and double-check the links.
  • have fun!

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