If you think that your personal information is secure and you are the one who owns it, think again. The truth is that you don’t own your data and, hence, you cannot be sure that it is secure. 

The Identity Theft Research Center reports that in 2021 roughly 282 million people experienced some sort of data breach, including: hacked email accounts, social media accounts takeovers, fraudulent credit card charges, and more. Kind of makes you think about what you can do to control your own data, right?

That’s exactly why Data Privacy Day (happens every January 28) is an important thing. It appeared to raise awareness over data privacy, security, and how important it really is to own your data – and hopefully inspire some changes in the data economy. 

Why is my data not mine? And how can I change it? 

In the Web2 space, your data does not belong to you. It’s stored in servers that are owned by big companies such as Meta, Amazon, Google, etc. Each of these companies possess the personal information of billions of users. They commercialize our personal data for profit and there is nothing you can do with it. Why? Because you’ve agreed to their terms and conditions when you signed up.  

Want to take your data back from them and manage it yourself? Nice, but most likely, you won’t succeed. We at Tapmydata also faced this problem when launching the first version of our platform. Users tried to claim back their data, but companies collectively make it a very time-consuming process, since they all follow different procedures and the law changed depending on where you are in the world.

We need a system that defines and grants users — the ability to own the rights to their personal data, manage access to this data and, potentially, be compensated fairly for such access. That’s what we are now working on at Tapmydata. 

Our goal is to help users monetize their data by connecting them with innovative Web3 businesses. In Tapmydata app, you are the one who owns the data, controls it and decides to share it with our partners. Your data will only be seen by the company you shared it with in an encrypted channel and you are free to leave the channel at any time. The channel will be closed and your data withdrawn.  

Want to see how it works? Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to start earning from your data:

  • Download the Tapmydata app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet with the app 
  • Mint your Glitch NFT at glitch.tapmydata.com. Your Glitch will represent you in the Tapmydata data ecosystem. Minting your Glitch costs 5 MATIC and you will earn the equivalent value of TAP in return.

That’s it, you’re all set up. Now you can join the data channels and get rewards for your data every month.  

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