Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, keeping up-to-date with crypto can be tough. There are so many sources of information that it is easy to get lost and miss something important. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to do your research.

So how do you do it? Well, to start with, there are some essential research tools that every crypto enthusiast should know about:

  • tools for blockchain analytics;
  • news resources;
  • newsletters & podcasts;
  • crypto influencers.

Following the best of each will help you with your research and keep you up to date about what’s happening in the web3 world.

We’ve gathered some of the most useful resources for you to stay informed and never miss something important.

Tools for blockchain analytics


Obviously, etherscan is the first tool to use when doing your research. If you can master etherscan you can really find anything.

With etherscan you can get familiar with contracts, token balances, unique transaction details, wallet tagging, and more.

And if you haven’t used it before, don’t worry, they have some good tutorials to help you figure out how to use it –



Etherscan - main page

Dune analytics

Dune makes it easy for crypto users to turn blockchain data into actionable charts and metrics.

It is a site that lets anyone publish and access crypto dashboards driven by blockchain data.

Popular dashboards created by its users track anything and everything, with diverse queries on DeFi, NFTs, coins, top NFT collections, and more.

Of course, specialist data sites like Nansen also publish similar insights, but the advantage of Dune is that it’s free. It’s also very easy to spin up one of their dashboards and publish your own datasets or view the work produced by others at no additional cost.

Dune is particularly useful when you want to find the answer to a niche question that has fallen through the cracks of other data services. One popular dashboard, for instance, showcases the countdown to the Ethereum Merge, one of the biggest crypto events in 2022.

dApp radar

DappRadar is a data acquisition and analysis tool that tracks over 3,500 decentralized applications (dapps) across multiple blockchains.

Users can filter dapps through categories, the number of users, and transaction volumes to identify the most active and potentially profitable dapps to try.

dApp radar - main page

NFT Scoring

NFT scoring is one of the best tools for NFT tracking. This site shows you real-time data about NFT prices, recent trades, volume, and more.

Although there are some extra features in their premium version, the free access works just fine.

NFT scoring

Crypto news resources


Business news company Blockworks delivers breaking financial news and insights on digital assets.

On their website, you can find all the latest news on asset management, DeFi, metaverse, macroeconomics, and more.

Their content also provides people with the critical analysis and information they need to make smarter investment decisions.

It’s a great due-diligence resource.


Coindesk is another go-to resource to discover the latest crypto news, and interviews with industry leaders, explore their opinions and find in-depth industry analysis.

There you can also find some useful tips on investing in crypto. For example, this article on key ways to evaluate crypto coins before buying them has some good guidelines every crypto investor should know.

Besides the latest news and analytic articles, Coindesk offers high-quality educational content for both crypto newsies and natives — blogs, webinars, crash courses, and glossaries — all you need to dive deep into the web3 world.


Haven’t used reddit for your crypto research? You’re missing out. There is a ton of news/project /community subreddits that post all the latest things right away. There are a wide variety of subreddits for cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, ethereum, polkadot, and more.



If you are looking for a resource to discover all things NFTs then the newsletter from nft now is for you.

This is a perfect source to help you navigate the NFT landscape:

freshly minted news, features, and analysis on how trailblazing artists, collectors, and technologists are redefining the creative economy.

NFT now is here to help you stay up to date on market trends, upcoming drops, top project guides and much more.

Milk Road

Milkroad is probably the most popular crypto newsletter out there. It’s a short, up to 5 minutes daily roundup of the crypto world: token prices, web3 partnerships, latest news, fresh memes – they have it all.

You might enjoy MilkRoad if you want an easy, non-tech read to keep in touch with what is happening in crypto.

The Reading Ape

Don’t have time to listen to podcasts? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource where you can find the roundups of the best podcast episodes about crypto, NFTs, gaming, DeFi, and more.

At The Reading Ape, they do exactly that — they listen to crypto podcasts, write notes, and share them in their newsletter. A perfect read while sipping a morning coffee.

Web3 influencers

The history of web3 is written by the people who make it. So one of the best ways to stay up-to-date in crypto is by following these people – discovering their thoughts, what are their goals, what challenges they face, and what motivates, and inspires them.

We’ve gathered some of the top web3 influencers in this tweet. Check it out to find some cool people to follow:

And a valuable addition to this list is Zeneca ZA. He’s one of the most popular web3 influencers on Twitter and Linkedin and he’s also the founder of Zen Academy – a great space to learn all  about NFTs & Web3.

Recently Zen Academy published the NFT glossary so that you’ll never get lost in the terms and slang anymore.

Check it out here – https://zenacademy.gitbook.io/the-castle/resources-and-content/glossary#translations 

To wrap it up, here are a few more tips to stay up-to-date in web3:

  • be active: follow companies you like, ask them questions in comments,  listen to their twitter spaces, ask and explore;
  • start writing, recapping what you’ve learned;
  • joining a community is really great;
  • follow industry leaders to develop a wider view of what’s going on in the space.

Web3 is still pretty confusing. There’s a lot of going on and it often happens that the more you read the less you understand. Jotting down what you’ve heard or learned can help to focus on important stuff.

Another challenge web3 users face is that things are very fragmented: you need to follow lots of people, subscribe to various newsletters, and use many tools to keep up the pace. But things are changing for the best, and at Tapx we’re working on solutions to help users keep it all organised. So stay tuned to learn more about what we’re working on now.

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