Run by technology, powered by our team. Behind Tap is a dedicated bunch of people that are proud to be leading the race in restoring the control of personal data. From different backgrounds and covering a unique skill-set our team have a wealth of experience and are Tap’s greatest asset.

Let’s meet the team…


Tom Holder (Credit: Photoheads)

Tom Holder (CTO)

Over 20 years experience delivering Internet based software solutions. Co-founder of the digital agency Simpleweb where he was previously leading a 20 person development team.

Tom has a strong focus on startups and also worked in the enterprise space with the likes of BP and EMC (DELL). Has spent the last few years leading development on Blockchain technology with Ethereum and Stellar.



Gilbert Hill (Credit: Photoheads)

Gilbert Hill (CEO)

MD of a mobile web development agency for 10 years before devising and leading the pivot to SAAS, founding Optanon, a pioneering product in the ‘PrivTech’ sector, and Cookiepedia, popular source of knowledge around consumer tracking on the Web.

Gilbert led development of the customer base and brand, acquisition of a smaller competitor and sale of the business to OneTrust.



Irfon Watkins (Credit: Photoheads)

Irfon Watkins (Chairman & Founder)

A serial entrepreneur, Irfon has founded and sold companies across the API spectrum. Currently CEO of DOVU he was previously founder and CEO of Coull, a programmatic video advertising company processing over 15 billion requests a month from over 118 countries.

Irfon brings over 20 years experience as an executive, Irfon has a strong background in starting and growing businesses at global scale.



James Guest (Credit: Photoheads)

James Guest (COO)

A versatile and driven digital production specialist with deep technical understanding of decentralised applications.

James joins the team over 20 years delivering successful development programmes and products. These include mobile apps, web technologies and desktop applications for a broad range of SME, corporate, government and non-profit organisations including BP, SUEZ, Google, Android, YouTube, Unilever, DTI and Lloyds.



Tim Cryer (Credit: Photoheads)

Tim Cryer (Product lead)

Multi-disciplined product designer and UX specialist with over 17 years experience working in the software industry, scaling products and tools to serve millions of users.

Extensive experience creating desktop and mobile software, campaigns, services and tools for clients including PwC, Equiniti, Intelliflo and Ocean Estate Agents. Most recently design lead for the Nationwide Building Society innovation and open banking transformation hub.



Andy Baker (Credit: Photoheads)

Andy Baker (Community Manager)

Wide commercial experience in digital marketing — growing and managing online communities. Andy’s skills include customer support, content and social media marketing.

Working for VentureTech company Simpleweb, Andy has delivered multiple campaigns to create, scale and proliferate digital communities for SAAS startups.



Krasina Mileva (Credit: Photoheads)

Krasina Mileva (Legal Counsel — Advisor)

Registered European lawyer with over 11 years of experience in Contract and Commercial Law. Krasina has headed an international legal department in a law firm, having to deal with various civil and international matters. Then she became a sole-practitioner, focused mainly in Contract, Commercial and Company Law, whilst co-founding a construction business in Belgium. As Head of Legal at a million dollar ad-tech company she discovered her passion around Data protection, Privacy and Smart legal agreements


Kirsty Ranger (Credit: Photoheads)

Kirsty Ranger (Investor Relations — Advisor)

An expert in crowd funding, Kirsty has a wealth of experience in crowd funding and is helping Tap to deliver their investment proposal to the crowd.

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