For us, Tap isn’t about returning every last piece of data back to the user. Our mission is to move companies away from simply complying with regulations towards a positive data dialogue with their customers about what they are doing it, how they are doing it and why. As such we are pushing hard to break down the barriers and blockers that some companies are using as an excuse or delay tactic to respond to requests.

This release (v1.4) is a game changer. There are two core pieces of functionality we focussed on that we hope will make the product more efficient and useful for organisations and give them feedback from their customers.


From the sort of support we receive, we know that there are a spectrum of organisations using Tap. Ones that take the rights of their customers seriously and look to help them at every opportunity and ones that, quite frankly, don’t.

Ratings is all about being able to give feedback to an organisation about the experience you have received (or not). In time, we will look to use this rating in other places throughout the product (and possibly online) to better inform our users of the sort of experience and attitude they are likely to receive from an organisation. Once a request has been closed (or 30 days without a response has elapsed) you can leave a 1-5 star rating with a comment. It looks like this:

Upload files, photos or take a picture with your camera

One of the biggest push backs we’ve had from organisations is being able to I.D. a user sending a request. This is fair enough, they don’t want to be sending the wrong data to the wrong person. Unfortunately though, we are seeing this as an excuse and a blocker a lot of the time, pushing back large forms and processes that your average person is likely to just give up on.

As the first step towards our full identity integration (this is in progress) we have added functionality to allow you to upload files, photos or take a picture with your camera. This means you can take a capture of an ID document or upload a utility bill straight in to a request.

Of course, this is fully secure, the data is end-to-end encrypted on our platform and can only be seen by the intended organisation.

Looking for a customer-centric solution to your privacy process? Find out how we can help you manage your customers’ personal privacy, learn more.

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