February began with great and promising news from MetaMask and MyCrypto. MetaMask, one of the world’s most popular crypto wallets, partners with MyCrypto, a Web3 solution for unifying Ethereum accounts into a single point of access. The goal of collaboration is to build a robust and user-focused wallet for web3 citizens.

The announcement was made on MyCrypto’s blog and later shared by MetaMask in a tweet. Let’s see what this collaboration can bring us all!

What should we expect from the unified team? 

Well, from the announcement, it’s clear that no global changes in the short term are expected. They also noted there is no action that you need to take as a user of MyCrypto nor as a user of MetaMask. Instead, the focus is on long term developing features that the community has actively requested. These include:

  • improvements in UX,
  • mobile performance improvement (yes, please),
  • network handling,
  • developing anti-phishing features,
  • building an in-house marketing and community relations team.

“MyCrypto will help MetaMask become safer, more stable, and even more feature-rich. Together, we will continue to build increasingly user-centric, extensible, and decentralized products.”

Dan Finlay

This collaboration is a great example of the way that web3 allows each component to interoperate focusing on improving the user experience, and not just compete.

Why does it matter?

Web3 is growing fast, more people are getting onboard, and new projects pop up every single day. To make this environment more appealing for the web2 users, developers, platforms, and products we need a solid wallet, created specially for the web3 space – ever changing, robust, decentralized, trustless, and interoperable.

The collaboration between Metamask and MyCrypto is a great step towards creating this “perfect” web3 wallet. It should be on the one hand, user-friendly and can be used across multiple platforms, and on the other hand – more secure and privacy-focused. This vision completely aligns with our values at Tapmydata. That’s why we can’t wait to experience the new MetaMask features.

What about you? Are you waiting for the Metamask updates? Join our Telegram channel and let’s have a conversation!

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