Have you ever wondered if your personal data has been compromised in a data breach? We’ve just added the Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) feature in the Tapmydata mobile app, so you can easily find out whether your personal data has been compromised in a data breach. 

Designed by Troy Hunt, Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional awardee for Developer Security and international speaker on web security and author, HIBP is a free resource for anyone to quickly assess if their persona data has been put at risk due to an online account of theirs having been compromised or “pwned” in a data breach. 

We wanted this feature to be simple to use in the app. In order to access this feature, go into your secure data locker, once in your locker, scroll down and tap on data breaches. 

The feature searches across multiple data breaches to see what personal data has been compromised. If your personal data has been compromised, you will get a description of the breach, when it took place and what of your data had been compromised. 

We’re always coming up with ideas to improve the Tapmydata mobile app for our users. If you have any other ideas, or additions, you think we should add please get in touch

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