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The vast space of Web3 is full of growing brands, exciting projects and creatively ambitious individuals.

Because of the decentralised technology how do users and partners connect in such a vast environment?

There isn’t any platform to help users best explore all these creative projects and people in the web3 space.

Until now…

Problem > Solution
Problem > Solution


Tapx offers many tools that help connect users with web3 brands, projects and partners.

The Tapx link-in-bio solution is web3’s only dedicated platform to help brands host their products, content and projects in one place.

Our explorer hub is a tool built for verified web3 users that help them connect with these exciting projects in web3.

Our V3 app allows brands to set up rewarding data channels to users allowing a secure platform to host engaging campaigns.

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Tapx is your link in bio, advertising, and community-building platform all in one

Our link in bio brings Web3 functionality, more customisation, and additional content features in one place.

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Making Web3 Accessible for Brands

Return on investment


Effective web3 ROI for direct marketing and communication

Web3 Native

Web3 Native

Web3 native tools that give you the flexibility you need



Gain user insights from our data intelligence hub



Instant access to over 10k users for direct campaigns



Grow a dedicated audience and reward them along the way



Engage with active web3 users for the best campaign interaction

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Gain insights into the market and verified web3 users

Our Intelligence Dashboard tool shows users’ activity across the Tapx Explorer hub. This information will help you develop your go-to-market plan and connect with your ideal customers.

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