Yesterday, the 3rd March, we jumped on a Twitter space with Polygon to discuss the future of Tapmydata and what our goals are. Here are the highlights from yesterday’s AMA:

What is Tapmydata?

Tapmydata is a Web3 project established in 2018 with a goal to help people reclaim their data from centralised companies who hold that data on their servers.

The data problem is huge but still underestimated in today’s society. The project was aimed to raise awareness of data violation problems and create a set of tools for solving this issue.

The 1st Generation of Tapmydata was entirely about helping to protect the privacy of users, enabling users to process the Right of Access requests at scale. This in-turn allowed users to keep their data in an encrypted data locker on their devices. Users could also redistribute their data under their control.

In 2020 the team realised the opportunity that our users could earn an income from their data, being paid in either TAP tokens or alternative currencies as determined by the organisations procuring the individual’s data.

Building on the technology foundations of version 1, and along with the TAP token that was launched on Dec 2020, in mid-Dec 2021 we released under Beta the 2nd version of the Tapmydata ecosystem.

The platform (user app + Web interface) enables Web3 businesses / protocols to have two-way encrypted communication between themselves and users. Those who sign up to partner’s channels and share their data earn TAP tokens or 3rd party tokens as rewards.

Tapmydata ecosystem

Today, the Tapmydata project has three core components:

  • A user mobile App that is approved in both Apple and Android.
  • A web based NFT mint engine, that acts as a form of authentication of the user as someone who has the mobile application, has Metamask, and can transact in Matic to mint their NFT, using a webcam or image upload.
  • A web portal for Partners to configure their accounts, and engage with users via the mobile app.

We link all those things together to connect Web3 users and partners/projects in a secure and rewarding way.


Security is at the core of our approach for all of our product development decisions. Our onboarding process requires a number of steps that are specifically designed to ensure our users are authenticated. These real users must meet a number of requirements in order to be a part of the ecosystem.

Once they have joined the app or partner portal, all channels are encrypted, and can only be viewed by the respective users or partners.

From a user perspective, the Personal Data Locker sits on the user’s device and is only accessible and readable by that user. None of that information is stored on 3rd party servers, and even Tapmydata are unable to access that information.


We made a couple of exciting announcements during the AMA including:

  • Our V2 is out of Beta and officially launched!
  • Users are now able to download and register their profile entirely on their mobile and desktop device. Whichever works best for them.
  • We launched the Polygon Channel in the App. Sign up now and reap the benefits by joining the Polygon channel to earn a reward.
  • Created a partner signup process through the Polygon channel, or connect with here.

Upgraded our Discord with exclusive benefits for users who connect their wallets when holding a Glitch NFT, so make sure once you have minted your Glitch, head to our Discord and get access to the Glitched role permissions.

Plans for the future

Here is a sneak peek at the updates our community can expect in the near future ????

  • As we develop our product and tokens, we will be broadening our scope to areas in addition to Personal Data. For that reason, we’ll be rebranding Tapmydata along with the launch of our new products. Our new brand is in development, and will launch alongside our new tools.
  • Launching our LP Staking programme, for users to stake TAP/MATIC.
  • We have built and are now testing our first single-sided staking programme. We expect to open this to a small group of invited people in early March.
  • Launching a bounty programme to reward those users who help us build out community.

Want to listen to the whole thing in full detail? You can do so here.

Thanks so much to Polygon for supporting our mission and Chinmay for hosting the event! We look forward to a bright future together.

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