Tl;dr keep an eye on the Ocean community, be responsive and get your house in order before the event not after.

Yesterday we published two datasets to the Ocean marketplace here and here.

The main reason we did this is we see massive value in Ocean and wanted to add some transparency to data we collect and support the wider Open Data Economy.

Some lessons we learned:

  • Get your data assets right the first time, they’re a bit of a pain to amend. Adding a good description with details around when the dataset will be updated along with any relevant links. You can update the listing afterwards but this isn’t yet baked in to the current interface. Details from ocean on this:

try this: or if you are developer:

  • Add more liquidity. We didn’t add enough liquidity to begin with.
  • Keep an eye on the Ocean community, they picked up on the pools way faster than we anticipated and noticed an issue with the pool creation (something Ocean are looking into). As such, the feeling was we were pulling a scam. We weren’t.
  • Add some details around how you intend to operate the pool. A dataset from @realdatawhale published shortly after ours does this well, see

Thank you to the Ocean community for their understanding and assistance with this, we hope this is a reasonable assessment of our first contribution but reach out to us on our official telegram channel if you have any thoughts. We will look to improve on things in the future and may take correct action on these two initial datasets depending on what Ocean recommends.

For more details on our own token event please see /tap-token.

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