The right of access, or subject access request, sometimes known as a SAR or DSAR is one of the eight rights in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We’ve talked in an another post about how you can send a subject access request to an organisation. In this post we’ll look at what the right of access means, why it matters and how Tap offers an easy way to send them. 

What is the right of access, or a subject access request?

The right of access permits you to request and receive a full breakdown of all the personal data you have shared with an organisation.

You are entitled to see information regarding the following:

  • Why your data was requested
  • How your data was processed
  • How long your data processed for
  • Who your data has been disclosed to
  • If your data has been used to make an automated decision about you
  • If your data has been used by an organisation to create a profile about you

Why does it matter?

Personal data is valuable. It makes up who you are as a person. Your privacy and security can be at risk if your data gets into the wrong hands. Here’s a few reasons why it matters:

  • Any organisation you have shared your information with will often hold onto your data for a long time
  • It is a good idea to know who holds your data, why, for how long and if they have shared your data with other organisations
  • If there is a data breach your data may be at risk so you may wish to find out what data that organisation holds on you
  • If you received unwanted marketing in the post or via email from a product or service you don’t recognise
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to know how your data has been used
  • If you are concerned with the accuracy of your data you may use the right of access to get your data corrected
  • If you have a legal concern you may use the right of access to help establish how your data has been used

If you’re now ready to send a right of access request to an organisation. Read our guide on how to make a subject access request.

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