We set out with a simple mission, to help people take back control of their data. With the first release of our app we broke new ground in the personal data space and finally, after sending more data access requests than any other company on the planet, it feels like the industry is ready for us.

Since our token event, a lot of my time as CTO has been spent building out the technical team to ensure we can truly sprint forward with our development at a pace we have not been able to do previously. This takes time, and we are now in a good place, working with a combination of new developers and those that have proven themselves to me time and time again at delivering quality products.

Here is what the team is working on:

  • LP Staking ????
  • Brand Refresh ????
  • App Updates ????
  • Universal Data Income Platform ????

Find out more about each below:

LP Staking ????

We are rolling out a custom front-end implementing the Ampleforth Token Geyser smart contracts to reward LP providers that provide long term liquidity. This will reward with time based multipliers.

When this is launched, our existing LP rewards programme will come to an end but it will be a smooth transition between the two.

Brand Refresh ????

Our brand has evolved with the help of a Bristol based agency (sticking true to our roots). We wanted the new brand to reflect our mission of giving users to take back control of their data. 

Here is a little teaser of what’s to come:

As we’ve said on socials, we’re not changing the name or drastically changing the logo but the new brand will give us much greater scope to have some fun and make the app and other developments stand out in the crypto space.

We will do a more detailed post about the brand when we are ready to show in full but it’s coming soon!

App updates – What’s the matic with you? ????

Running Stellar alongside Ethereum has presented challenges. Our attempt to allow users to extract value between the two networks has meant the app has been overrun by bots accumulating TAP they aren’t entitled to. We’ve blocked their attempts and made app updates to combat it but, we need to do more.

We are experimenting with shifting the app to use Matic to provide a seamless transition between ERC20 ethereum mainnet token and ERC20 matic token. You can already move Ethereum TAP to Matic TAP. Check out the TAP token on Matic here.

Moving to Matic in the app won’t be the only significant change though, we are going to completely redesign the focus of the app, highlighting the good companies and pointing the finger at the bad which will involve the community.

Here’s the plan:

  • Redesign the app to meet the new brand.
  • Move to Matic non-custodial wallets.
  • Change reward process for TAP.
  • Greater community engagement within the app.
  • More ways to explorer companies and data.
  • Mint your TAP NFT!

We are also looking at liquidity options for the Matic chain to support this change. If you have thoughts about this, tell us in Telegram.

Universal Data Income Platform ????

“I believe in markets. Taking data and using it to manipulate people is not a real market. Let’s admit that data is valuable, pay people for it, motivate them to make it better. Let’s get out of the manipulation business,” –

Jaron Lanier

We have an exciting opportunity to leverage our user base and the Tapmydata app to develop a new kind of data pool that yields a Universal Data Income from those users of TAP that take part.

  • Claim back your data
  • Verify it
  • Shape it
  • Stake it
  • Earn from it

The Tapmydata app will still form a key part of this but beginning April we are commencing the build of our web based Universal Data Income Platform (working title!). We’ve lined up a fantastic designer to work with, it’s going to look ???? and we will be rolling out a completely unseen type of data pool. We won’t do this alone and conversations are ongoing with those that might be good launch partners for us.

We feel this will be a bit evolution in the Data Union space, an experiment for sure, but a transformational one that could define what the future of ‘getting paid for your data’ looks like. 

In the next few weeks we will be launching a ‘call for data’ programme for research purposes where you can directly help us shape this project and earn TAP as a reward.

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