Since we began helping people exercise their data rights, such as the subject access request, we have received a backlash from some companies (not all) who are playing hard to get, ignore our mobile app users or simply don’t appreciate what we’re doing – are we friend or foe? 

Thankfully our community has grown, which helps us build and grow the largest dataset of access requests around, plus a body of companies who use Tapmydata on a daily basis to build data dialogue, and trust with their customers. 

We could leave what we know under wraps. But we battle on for every person that wants to know the truth and have more choice about what happens to their personal data. 

Over the course of the next few months, we will be drip-feeding some of these insights starting first with naming and shaming ten of the worst offenders when it comes to responding to subject access requests from our users:


Tinder has swiped left to all of our users. Tinder has received the most subject access requests from the Tapmydata app and is the worst offender when it comes to responding back. Maybe it’s busy in the office or they’re too preoccupied swiping to notice. 


Drop the gram. I’ll say it again, drop the gram. Since Zuckerberg and his crew took over Instagram this one wasn’t as surprising. We’ve talked before about the data practices Instagram uses such as scraping people’s personal photos. Instagram hasn’t responded to any subject access requests and has not got in touch with us.


Netflix and chill. Hmm, our users are not so chill. Netflix seems determined to ignore all of our user’s subject access requests. They haven’t commented or got in touch with us about these requests. C’mon Netflix with $16 billion in annual revenue we’re sure you could do better.


Airbnb has received a mountain of requests from our users. Airbnb did get in touch with us saying they have “invested a considerable amount of time into developing our own template for responding to access requests.” Sorry, so there’s only one way I can send a request to you? Brian Chesky, care to comment?


Uber. Another tech startup that you’d think would understand that individuals want to use innovative ways to send subject access requests. Uber’s team have not commented or responded to any of our user’s requests. Funnily enough, Uber’s Chief Privacy Officer recently spoke of the need for a national policy on data protection. Maybe they could start by respecting our user’s data requests. Ruby Zefo, hello?


Where do we start? As Amazon continues to seep further into consumer’s lives privacy fears have been around for some time. If their lack of care of privacy is anything to go by, their record for responding to our users has been non-existent. Hey Jezz Boss, anything to say?


PayPal has let all our users down and won’t be getting any credit. They did get in touch with us about the number of requests they had received. Unfortunately, PayPal kept spousing the same old gobbledygook that most companies do about having requests sent from ‘actual people’. Sorry, I thought our users were people? Don’t worry we’re confused too. 


Bots, bots and more bots. This old-school tech giant seems above and beyond anyone including data rights. Despite a large number of requests eBay hasn’t commented or got in touch with us. I’m starting to think their office is run by robots? Anyone at eBay willing to talk? 


Another staple in Zuckerberg’s wardrobe. WhatsApp has had a bit of a bad time privacy-wise and given that Facebook makes it so hard to get any data back from them. It was pretty clear we were not going to get far. WhatsApp feature in the top ten and we haven’t received any comments or responses back. Probably time to shift those groups to signal? 😉 


Ah. The professional network owned by Microsoft. LinkedIn hasn’t got in touch at all about any subject access requests and again feature in the top ten. 

The more we know about how companies treat subject access requests the more we can shape privacy for the better and try to get companies to stop ignoring us. Download the app, build pressure and we will get there 🙂

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