???? We’re very excited to announce the first major release of the Tapmydata app following our original Beta app launched back in October 2018.

This release is the result of some great feedback from our community and also from seeing how organisations have responded to the platform. Some organisations have adopted it very enthusiastically and get the need for a positive data dialogue whilst others have been up to their normal delay tactics of asking for unreasonable data back from a user or refusing to accept Tap is a valid communication channel.

So, based on our feedback, we wanted to ensure that more companies start to engage with our users in a positive manner.

We’ve made loads of tiny improvements to the application throughout but here are the main bits of functionality:

???? Send a direct email to chase a response

If you don’t receive a response from an organisation in a timely manner you can now quickly send an email direct to the organisation. It’s quick because it is pre-filled and adds weight to your original request proving it is something you have requested directly.

???? Requests become chat

The previous version of the app was one request one reply. At lot of the time we were being told companies were getting in contact with users direct to request further verification of data. It’s not possible to have a back and forth with an organisation to detail exactly what is happening with your data. Think of it as being like WhatsApp but with a secure personal data locker built in.

???? Backup and restore

The next important feature that we hadn’t included in the beta version was a way to backup and restore your account. We’re very adamant that the future of apps won’t be driven by usernames and passwords and some of you will have clocked that there is no ‘registration’ required for tap. This is because we generate a set of cryptographic keys for you and base your account off of this. We hadn’t put a way for you to back this up though in to the beta. You can now backup your account and restore it from the settings.

We would encourage anyone that has an account already to do this. It will mean you can restore your account if you switch devices in the future and, importantly, recover your Tap coin balance which you can redeem in the marketplace.

???? Add a new organisation

If you can’t find an organisation in our directory you can now submit it direct from the app by simply adding the website address. Lookout for the button at the bottom of each category or search results.

???? Add data to your data locker

You can now add more personal information to your data locker direct from the locker or when you are replying to a message. This makes it easy to access again in the future. We will be adding further verification services in the future to make it easy for organisations to trust this data. Remember, all the information in the locker is only stored on your device. We do not have a copy of the data.

???? We hope you love this release. Please do send any feedback you have to support@tapmydata.com and we will continue to push development of our product to help people take back control of their data. ????

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