We’re now launching our decentralized personal data protocol and TAP token to break the old cycle of data abuse. Each user can manage their own digital identity, mint NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) of Blockchain Verified Consent, and license this for use across the web, receiving value (ERC20 tokens) from organizations.

As Web2 has evolved over the years, it has quickly become a centralized space for companies to abuse users’ data. This is all achieved by said members not fully understanding what they are agreeing to when signing up for a service, which can be damaging for the individual. 

This is where Tapmydata intends to step in and provide an all in one solution to the problem. By using a unique framework of tools, ledger, and decentralized protocols, people will be able to seamlessly reclaim their digital identity, crystallize unique verified elements of consent in an NFT, and provide a new, transparent channel for legitimate counterparties to blend data and exchange value.

The flexible design and permissionless structure of the Balancer protocol enables teams like TAP to imagine and develop new use cases that bring valuable new financial products and service offerings to market.

Jeremy Musighi – Head of Growth, Balancer

About Balancer

Balancer is a new and improved DeFi platform that operates as an exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency extremely easily. By utilizing their Balancer Pools, anyone is able to provide liquidity to a pool by simply depositing an asset in them. In doing so, users will be able to earn trading fees as well as their native token, BAL, as a reward for the use of their funds.

We have been hugely impressed with the pace of development at Balancer and they are leading the industry in providing new mechanisms to enable liquidity events, leading to price discovery which is essential for the long-term viability of Token projects such as TAP. When choosing a platform for our token event, Balancer was the clear winner.

Gilbert Hill – CEO, Tapmydata

How do you participate in the Token Sale?

To participate in the token sale users will need to download the Tapmydata app from your favorite app store, then when prompted follow the instructions to complete KYC/AML checks. You will not be able to participate in the token sale unless this has been completed therefore all steps must be followed. 

All this will be achieved through an integration with Balancer to provide an extremely simple KYC/AML solution for Balancer Liquidity Pools. 

When is the Token Sale?

Starting on the 14th December 2020, the TAP public sale will run for a total of two weeks and end on the 28th December 2020. Any further details following this post will be updated in the Tapmydata Telegram channel.

You can find more information about our token distribution event here.

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