Liquidity is the lifeblood of any token project, it increases the utility and ensures our long-term success, which is why we are so grateful to all LPs who have contributed thus far. To reward this, over the last 90 days we have distributed 1.2m TAP tokens to our LPs within the two pools, TAP-ETH and TAP-USDT.

Out of the two options, the ETH pool was much more popular having 3x the amount of liquidity than the USDT pool. As we value your vote, we were able to use the wallet to see which pool our users want us to focus our rewards on, therefore moving forward the USDT pool will continue on Uniswap and attract trading fees, however, we will not be rewarding LPs with TAP.

When will this happen?

On Friday the 30th July our new TAP-ETH rewards contract will launch and it will run for a further 90 days. We will place 600k TAP tokens within the contract, releasing 200k every 30 days. It will once again be connected to our Uniswap V2 pool, therefore you will continue to get a share of the pool trading fees on top of our rewards.

You will need to withdraw your tokens from the existing TAP liquidity program and then restake them within the new contract. We will provide the link to our new contract on our social channels when we make them available. The existing link will stay for the foreseeable future so there is no urgency unless you want to earn more TAP…

If you have any further questions, please feel free to join the conversation on Telegram or Twitter and we will do our best to get back to you with a speedy response.

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