We are pleased to announce that TAP is now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

We are big dog lovers at TAP headquarters but let’s be honest, dog coins and Ethereum are not playing nicely together at the moment. Gas is at unprecedented levels and whilst there are some interesting things on the horizon for Ethereum, it’s not going to be solved overnight. The future is multi-chain and we are excited to be on Polygon (Matic), Ethereum and now BSC.

Moving from Ethereum to BSC

You can move (or bridge) your Ethereum Mainnet TAP using the PolyNetwork bridge at:


  • Connect your wallet
  • Select From Ethereum Network
  • Select To BSC Network
  • Provide the amount you want to transfer
  • Click approve and proceed to follow instructions

Note. At the time of writing, Gas fees on Ethereum are sky high and it may not be cost effective to move mainnet TAP to BSC. Please transfer between chains at your own discretion. There are fees associated with moving from or to either chain.

Getting TAP on BSC

If you want to just acquire TAP on BSC we are pleased to say we have picked Pancakeswap.finance to allow you to do this. You can read a guide to Pancakeswap here.

In order to exchange one type of token for TAP on BSC you will need to import the contract address of TAP on BSC. Note. DO NOT confuse this with the contract address of TAP on ethereum, it is not the same.

The contract address of TAP on BSC is:


Here is how to exchange on Pancakeswap:

  1. Click exchange
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Select currency and  add the TAP contract address (0xfD799ddCCA8ab5c1ad8a3D64a58d4e907C9d0B71)
  4. Ensure TAP is selected in the TO currency.
  5. Select your from currency if not BNB.
  6. Enter amounts.
  7. Swap

Your BSC TAP will then be available in your wallet and you can move this back to Ethereum if you wish. Note, there is a large TAP fee to move back to Ethereum currently because of Gas costs.

We have added $75,000 of liquidity to the BSC TAP pool and are talking to Pancakeswap about the possibility of setting up a Syrup pool and getting TAP approved.

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