Tapmydata is delighted to announce a collaborative partnership with Swash, a browser plugin which rewards people for the value of their data as they surf the web. 

At Tapmydata, we set out with a simple mission: to help people take back control of their data. Our mobile app has broken new ground in the personal data space, helping thousands of users to send access requests and repatriate their data to where it belongs: with them.

We proved people care about their data and who controls it. Now we’re ready for the next big step: to aggregate, verify and generate unique data sets with our users, helping define what the future of an ethical New Deal for consumer insights will look like.

Swash gives anyone the ability to earn income while going about their regular online activities. In other words, it provides a micro income stream to users for the value of their data. Over twenty-seven thousand people are already taking advantage of this rewarding technology.

Swash achieves this by recognising people as integral components of the data economy, allowing them to practice their data rights through the use of the Swash browser plugin, available on all major browsers. It is a pioneer in evolving the current model of data value markets. 

“Swash and Tapmydata share a belief system around Universal Data Income. We both enjoy thriving communities. Whether it’s web browsing or mobile activity, consumers are taking back control and managing their digital footprint. We’re excited to deepen our relationship with Swash, driving the future direction of data ownership and customer insights together.”

Irfon Watkins, Chair of Tapmydata


“As ecosystem partners with evolved Web3 models, communities and technology, Tapmydata and Swash will initially focus on growing joint awareness, adoption and maximising crossover and value return for our users.

We are pleased to collaborate with Tapmydata as ecosystem partners and look forward to continuing to expand our product offerings as both projects grow. We look forward to exploring deeper technical integrations between Tapmydata’s mobile technology and Swash’s browser and real-time data points later in the year.”

Reza Naeeni, CEO of Swash


About Swash

Swash makes it possible to earn as you surf the web. It aims to redesign the data economy to work to the benefit of everyone, with the belief that this is only possible by rewarding everyday internet users for the value of their data and by recognising every individual as an integral part of the data economy.

With Swash, everyone can profit from the value of their data. By redefining how data is collected and valued, Swash aims to accelerate change and set new standards for our data economy.

For more information about Swash or to get in touch with the team, visit the Swash website, follow them on social media, or send an email to contact@swashapp.io.

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About Tapmydata

Tapmydata is a mobile app and platform giving people control over their personal data, with privacy and security by design. Tapmydata rewards users and other ecosystem actors with its own ERC20 token. Launched in 2018, the company is supported by Outlier Ventures and a full-time team across the crypto, privacy and tech space. As an on-ramp for citizens to data income and DeFi technology, Tapmydata will be open-sourcing its code and supporting projects and developers with adoption and integrations with partners as part of our roadmap. 

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