Today is an exciting day for Tapmydata as we are proud to announce our new Chief Executive Officer, Luke Judge! 

In preparation for the launch of V2 and introduction of our Glitch NFT, we are extremely excited to have someone of Luke’s calibre join us on our journey. Together we can scale and grow the business to new heights, and deliver on an exciting product roadmap for 2022. 

Luke is a respected business leader with a proven track record of delivering success and growth in the area of digital marketing services and technologies. His expertise is sought across the industry, not only in running businesses, also as a speaker at conferences, a contributor to thought leadership, and as a judge for digital marketing awards. 

Luke’s experience speaks for itself. As the CEO of Incubeta UK and US, he led the expansion of the business across Europe, North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia. He introduced new products to the company’s solution offerings across marketing analytics, SEO, DCX, and creative propositions. 

Not only is Luke focused on business growth strategy, he also takes time out to run humanitarian initiatives. Stepping back from his career to volunteer, he co-led the formation of an independent volunteer group that provided aid for refugees fleeing war torn countries like Syria and Yemen. To learn more about Luke you can visit his LinkedIn profile

I’m excited to be joining Irfon and the Tapmydata team with their expertise in Web3 and Blockchain technologies. Our shared values and goals will bring innovation to the new data economy. We’ve designed an ambitious plan to transform the business quickly to bring new products to market for our users and partners. Our community is already so passionate about the launch of the V2 app and the Glitch NFT.

Blockchain and Web3 technologies have opened so many possibilities for new innovative solutions, and I’m delighted to be working alongside our investment partner, Outlier Ventures, as we take the business in a new direction.  

One thing that I’m pleased about is building our new solution on Polygon, so that we can offer a secure product that is scalable, fast, and affordable to all, whilst also being environmentally conscious. We can achieve our NetZero goals through a partnership with to offset our transaction carbon costs, whilst we strive to reduce our carbon production altogether.

The future is bright and we look forward to further helping innovative partners in the Web 3 space connect with authenticated Web 3 users in a trustful and rewarding way.

Luke Judge – CEO, Tapmydata

Irfon Watkins will remain as Chair of Tapmydata and will switch his focus towards funding and crypto relations.

I took over the role of interim CEO in December 2020, my intention was always to step aside when the right candidate became available. I have known Luke for over 10 years and therefore I know that working together will be beneficial for all stakeholders, as such it is with great pleasure that I welcome Luke to the Tapmydata team.

Irfon Watkins – Chair, Tapmydata

We look forward to the future with Luke onboard and hope you do too. If you have any questions for him, we will be organising an AMA to take place on the 7th Dec through our Twitter Spaces. So make sure to join. 

Stay tuned on our Telegram and Twitter for an announcement regarding this and many other things closer to the time. 

About Tapmydata

Tapmydata is a Web3-enabled business with a mobile app and platform built using the Polygon blockchain, designed to give people earning and control over their personal data, with privacy and security by design. With the imminent launch of V2, users will be able to connect their Web3 Metamask wallet, authenticate their identity by minting their personal Glitch NFT, and engage with verified partners in a rewarding and secure way.

Tapmydata rewards users and other ecosystem partners for their data and time. Launched in 2018, the company is supported by Outlier Ventures with a growing team across the crypto, privacy and tech space. 

Powered by a mission to help people generate data income and DeFi technology, Tapmydata will be launching the Glitch and V2 of their app soon to ensure users can start earning a universal data income. 

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