Tapmydata is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with Streamr, a leading decentralized network and open-source marketplace for real-time data. 

As a pioneering Data Union, Tapmydata set out with a simple mission; to help people take back control of their data. With Tap’s mobile app the project has broken new ground in the personal data space, helping nearly 10,000 people each day send data access requests and repatriate their data to where it belongs: with users. 

Streamr has been pioneering the data infrastructure space, allowing organisations that seek to help their members aggregate and monetize their data to do so in the simplest way possible; through well established, decentralized and scalable data messaging and payment networks.

Tapmydata has proven that people care about their data and care about who controls it. The project is partnering with Streamr to prepare for the next step; to help users monetize their data and help define what the future of an ethical New Deal for consumer insights will look like.

Streamr’s focus on real-time data networks and their recent Data Unions 2.0 upgrade present the perfect opportunity for any project wanting to build out data crowdselling capability and manage delivery of an income stream to members. 

Data Unions are a key route for people to get together, get control and realise a Universal Data Income, our mission at Tapmydata. Streamr has led the way in unlocking customer insights for buyers using ethically-sourced data; their framework will help us learn and scale together, at an exciting time for this movement.

Irfon Watkins, Chair at Tapmydata

Together both projects will prepare an integration that will test how one or more data points from the Tapmydata mobile app could be monetized. The current hope is that the fully integrated monetization feature within the Tapmydata app will be released to it’s 10,000 users by Q3 of this year. 

Exploring how to onboard existing, and successful organisations to a framework is really the test for infrastructure builders. If we have built our payments and data rails in the right way then already flourishing Data Unions like Tapmydata should be attracted to adopting what we’ve created. So this partnership with Tapmydata is a real moment of validation for the whole Streamr team,”

Henri Pihkala, Co-Founder of the Streamr project

As we both grow our product offerings, we’ll explore deeper technical integration between Tapmydata’s mobile technology and Streamr’s open-source stack later in the year.

Join the conversation Tapmydata’s Telegram, Twitter, and Discord to get involved!

Also make sure to visit the Streamr website where you can take a look at the Marketplace and try the Core app. And of course join the conversation on Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

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