Baby, You’re A Glitch Fan

Word on the crypto street suggests Tapmydata is looking and feeling rather different all of a sudden. We say: you better believe it. We’re just itchin’ to talk about our glitchin’.

Yes it’s true. We’ve gone for it. You might already have noticed as we’ve sneaked out several images in the last week or two.

The fact is visually (and tonally) we’re taking a more provocative stance. Standing out from all that is ordinary and humdrum. Going for it. Grabbing the attention stick. Glitching ourselves silly.

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So what exactly is going on and why? 

First things first, as an organisation, we’re laser-focused on our
de facto, this-is-the-hill-we-die-on mission: giving people digital control over their personal data.

However at the start of 2021, we pondered our visual identity and the language we were using. We felt we were looking and sounding, well, a bit stale… a tad corporate. That is definitely not us.

So we decided to revisit the ideals that inspired us when we launched Tapmydata. This meant articulating our mission, purpose and values.

We also wanted to give ourselves a look and feel aligned with our approach and attitude as a team taking on the man; punky instigators fuelled by a desire to do the right thing by going toe to toe with the data-gathering Goliaths.

Thus the Tap Glitch was born. Ably accompanied by an assortment of vibrant colours, a timeless font (Helvetica Neue) and a retro-vibe pixel font.

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What does it mean? 

Ultimately our identity serves as the visual embodiment of our collective goals as pioneers, agitants and crypto innovators.

And we choose glitching because it isn’t about rampant perfectionism. It’s about creating a striking idea that is unique, accepting of its flaws, yet confident in celebrating individualism in a colourful, eye-catching way.

Is it corporate? Is it safe? Is it predictable? No to all three of these questions. And even though we say it ourselves, it also looks super cool.

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Plus, the myriad of techniques used to create distortions and image break-up through blending, mashing and overlaying allows us to bring the Tap Glitch to life in GIFs and MP4s.

And where there is movement, there is life, energy and excitement.

Think about it. How many times do you see a logo that moves? Answer: hardly ever. We think that’s kind of weird. Because it seems like a sensible option to carry in your brand bag in these fast-moving, attention-grabbing times.

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That’s us. That’s our new look. Expect to see a whole lot more of it in the weeks and months to come. And maybe one or two exciting crypto projects where we can involve everyone in our community with an array of playful glitch antics.

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Watch this ǝɔɐds.

As always, to find out more you can visit our Website and Twitter, or join the conversation on our Telegram to get involved further.

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