???? We’ve got some exciting news! We’ve formed a new partnership with eSpyder, an e-privacy compliance platform which searches for personal data within an organisation.

Locating the relevant data within an organisation, extracting and presenting it in an efficient way, which doesn’t compromise the privacy of others is proving a major challenge in meeting people’s rights under GDPR to access, control and delete their data

This carries a cost estimated at £4,800 for each request processed manually, or around 66 working hours per month (source: https://sapioresearch.com/), plus reputational and regulatory risk should any point in the process go wrong.

eSpyder has an e-privacy compliance platform which searches for personal data or PII across local and cloud systems, data stores and documents within an organisation. 

This fits perfectly with Tapmydata’s tools, app and web interface to help organisations create a data dialogue with people, as well as perform the appropriate ID verification checks. 

Both solutions offer open API’s and integration with popular CRM platforms, and are built to Privacy by Design principles. 

We’re excited to work with eSpyder to help bring GDPR accountability and improved ‘data service’ within the reach of all organisations, and look forward to sharing the results of our partnership. 

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