On Wednesday, our CEO, Luke Judge jumped on a Twitter space with Matt Smithies, CTO of DOVU to discuss some exciting things that are coming soon for Tapmydata, our new staking programme, and how our future will look.

In case you missed the conversation, we’ve covered all the important details for you in this article. Enjoy!

Tapmydata, present time: user app, Glitch NFT, and partner portal

Tapmydata V2 was launched in December 2021. This is a platform (user app + Web interface) that enables web3 businesses / protocols to have two-way encrypted communication between themselves and users. People share their data with our partners and receive TAP tokens as rewards.

We also integrated Metamask wallet as the first onboarding step. To join the platform, users need to download the app, connect MetaMask and mint their Glitch NFT which acts as the user’s identity and access token within the app.

Our platform is a place of genuine engagement between real users and quality partners. This is so our users know that they are being rewarded for giving their data and time to verified high-quality partners, and in return partners know that they are receiving data and time from real people, not bots.

The platform moved from the Stellar blockchain in the first version to the Polygon blockchain. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but the main ones being the speed and cost of it. We wanted to make sure minting of the Glitch and transactions within the app were fast and cost effective for all our users.

The Tapmydata app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

TAP Staking Opportunities

We’ve launched a liquidity mining and single sided staking platforms for our users and investors.

LP staking platform

Our LP staking platform launched in March 2022 to give our users and investors the opportunity to earn rewards by adding their TAP tokens to liquidity pools. Under the new program, 1,800,000 TAP / 300,000 TAP per month will be distributed amongst providers of liquidity to the pools.

Visit our ‘how to’ page for information on staking liquidity for ETH and Polygon with $TAP.

Join Our Liquidity Pool

Single Sided Staking 

Early access $TAP staking is now live for anyone who signs up. In phase one, the first 100 TAP holders can earn rewards simply by signing up to the access list, gaining exclusive access and staking their tokens on the Tapmydata platform. Learn more about our exclusive Single-Sided Staking programme in this blog.

Our single-sided staking solution will provide the capability for any user to earn TAP tokens that they can later use to open data channels, unlock pro features, and be the first to know about the project updates and insights.

Phase 1 Early Access

What is coming next for Tapmydata?

Currently the team is working on the release of our third generation product. V3 MVP will be launched on May 11th, so save the date. We have stepped further into our “data rewards” concept and are building tools that will help web3 users to be rewarded for their time, attention, and data. That means that there will be more opportunities to earn, learn, and engage with web3 brands, creators, and influencers.

For our partners, we will be bringing web3 native marketing tools that are faster, better, and cheaper than those in web2.

We’ll be onboarding 100 beta partners who will have access to new products and provide us with valuable feedback. So if you want to become a partner, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be happy to have you onboard and connect your brand with curious web3 users!

Along with launching our new products, the huge changes come for our brand as well. We are rebranding Tapmydata. The final project will be still recognisable for our users and partners but with a more fresh representation to its expansive future.

The rebranding will include a new brand name, new website & social presence, and new messaging based on the same core values: security, privacy and data value. So it is worth signing up in our Discord and Telegram as well as following us on Twitter to not miss out. We are moving fast and want you to join us on our journey!

Want to listen to our conversation with DOVU in full detail? You can do so below:

Wonder what this is about ???? @LukeJudge
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— Tapmydata (@tapmydata) April 4, 2022

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