Cheers guys! We hope you’re all looking forward to finding out if you’re the lucky winner of adidas Originals Into the Metaverse NFT. Remember, the giveaway only lasts for a couple more days (ending 31st Jan) so don’t miss it!

Just a quick reminder of what we are talking about: 

Our partner, Chapel, is giving away an Adidas Originals NFT. To enter the competition you need to:

  • Join the Chapel channel via the Tapmydata app
  • Mint their Genesis NFT (you’ll receive 25 MATIC back if you mint it after signing up to the Chapel channel on the Tapmydata app)
  • Wait for results. That’s it!

To learn more about it check out our previous blog post!

While you’re waiting for the Chapel giveaway results, here is some more exciting news from Adidas! They continue their journey into the Metaverse space and this time, in collaboration with Prada! Last week, they announced their NFT project called Adidas for Prada re-source


Adidas for Prada re-source is a first-of-its-kind NFT project that seeks to celebrate innovation with an exploration into the world of Web3. The free and open co-creation experience is collaborative, inclusive, and exciting!

Starting January 24, Adidas and Prada fans can submit a photograph through a digital wallet for a chance to be featured. Once selected, 3,000 winners will have the chance to mint their photo as individual NFTs. That patchwork creation will then be compiled and reimagined as tiles by digital artist Zach Lieberman and auctioned on SuperRare from January 28-31.  

Participants will be rewarded for their creativity with a share of the final artwork auction sale. The major part of the revenue will be donated to nonprofit Slow Factory and their work regarding climate justice and human rights.  

Individual tile NFTs are minted on Polygon, the scaling solution of Ethereum that we have built Tapmydata on, which is one of the most environmentally-friendly networks. The final NFT artwork is an Ethereum mainnet ERC-721 token.

This project is an exciting way to educate new communities in art, fashion and beyond. We can all contribute towards large-scale artwork through play while also how web3 helps users with digital ownership, co-creation and NFTs. 

Have you joined the project?

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