The big idea behind socials built on blockchain

  • by giving people control over their social identity.
  • fuelling the creator economy.
  • creating a space free from bans and censorship.
New Gen Social Media - Tapx Blog

Web3 social media apps bring equal opportunities for all users

About Lens Protocol

Circle — the Discord for Web3

Key takeaways:

  • Our digital identity is completely under the hands of centralized social media apps.
  • Alternatives to these apps are Web3-native apps, which emphasize ownership and decentralization.
  • By providing content creators full ownership of their content, Web3 social networks will return power to the community.
  • These social networks will aid in the creation of censorship-resistant and creative-centric ecosystems that provide equal possibilities to all participants.
  • We’ll see a huge shift in web3 use once web3 equivalents to Twitter and Instagram become popular.
  • Lens protocol is at the forefront of the web3 social media trend, providing an open-source tech stack that enables developers to create web3-native social media programs.
  • Circle XYZ is creating the ultimate social platform to bring web3-native communities closer together.

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