Exciting news at Tap! We’re pleased to announce our newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Gilbert Hill.

Gilbert is a Privacy Technologist, entrepreneur and founder of Optanon, a pioneering software product in the ‘PrivTech’ sector, and Cookiepedia, a major source of knowledge around consumer tracking on the Web.

After selling the company to OneTrust, he has advised and helped businesses, investors and non-profits understand the risks and opportunities around The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Ethical Marketing and Data Governance.

He also sits on the Marketing Ethics Committee of the DMA, is a qualified member of the IAPP, and Fellow & Faculty Member at the Institute Of Direct Marketing.

We asked Gilbert why he joined Tap and what the future holds…

“I believe GDPR is just the starting pistol to a whole new way of doing business digitally, and the most dynamic area for growth will be in helping citizens take back control of their personal data. The team at Tap is uniquely positioned to create the pre-eminent Personal Data Store, provide businesses with the means to de-risk their data, and build a system of trust with customers, based on blockchain technology. I’m tremendously excited to be on this journey.”

Follow Gilbert on Twitter for the latest updates and check out our full interview with Gilbert where we talk about optimism, archeology and data privacy.

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