So Bitcoin hits $50k and spring is in the air in the UK. Its been nearly 8 weeks since our token was launched and we would like to welcome our new community members. 

Our TAP token has been a critical utility within our APP for over 2 years and it’s great to see that our community agrees with its value as a utility as the price has surged 800% since the launch of our IDO.

As you will have seen we have been implementing a token lock across our tokens and liquidity pools. It is publicly available to view here:

The original plan was to offer 15m tokens within our IDO, however, we ended up offering 5m and that has been our stated circulating supply.

The remaining 10m tokens are held by us in unlocked wallets, the reason for doing this is that future strategic liquidity partners need access to tokens to ensure a healthy and robust market.

We have supplied an API to CoinGecko and CMC with the circulating supply which will be updated in near real-time. We do not anticipate a measurable increase in this over the next few months.

Recently, we have restructured the team and Gilbert Hill has now moved to become Head of Strategy, focusing on partnerships and deepening industry links. Irfon Watkins has taken the role of Chair/CEO and will continue to drive the business forward with the help of Tom Holder our co-founder and CTO.

In February we will be sharing some rebranding ideas alongside our new product initiatives outlined in our roadmap.

We have set a target of 100k Tapmydata users by the end of Q2, its a leap from the 4,500 that we have now but we are confident that the timing is right for us.

Our weekly newsletter and podcast will begin in March, providing you with all the news about us alongside a perspective on the Open Data Economy.

We will also be sharing our exciting recruitment plans for the team.

As always we will keep you updated daily in our Telegram Channel.

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